The Fish Creek Watershed Association (FCWA) is a non-profit organization that was established in December of 2020. The FCWA is interested in the stewardship of the Upper Fish Creek watershed. 

The Upper Fish Creek watershed captures the headwaters and drainage of Fish, Priddis and Whiskey Creeks.

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Photo of a wild orchid. The plant has several flowers with petals in shades of white, pink, and purple.
Roundleaf Orchid (Galearis rotundifolia)The watershed is diverse in both plant and animal communities.Photo credit: Peter Adams
A photo of two trout spawning in shallow water. The fish colours blend in with the brownish pebbles on the creek bed.
Spawning rainbow trout creating a redd, or nest, in Priddis Creek.Photo credit: Peter Adams
Beaver dams create important habitat for local fish populations and help to store water in drought conditions.Photo credit: Peter Adams