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A photo of a cow moose and two young calves waking through shallow water, away from the photographer. The cow moose has deep, dark brown fur adn the calves have a light, brown fur. The banks of the water are lined with large rocks and lush green vegetation.
Moose cow and calves - Priddis CreekPhoto credit: Barclay Hunter

The Fish Creek Watershed Association (FCWA) is a watershed stewardship group that is comprised of local residents and landowners.


Fish, Priddis and Whiskey creeks and their watershed shall have excellent quality and quantity of water to ensure human, agricultural and business needs, with healthy riparian areas and fish habitat.


This citizen-led association is committed to protecting the Fish Creek watershed through citizen action for the prevention of adverse impacts, education, monitoring and  advocacy to sustain water quality and quantity in perpetuity. 

Watershed stewardship groups were named as part of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy (2008) partnership that includes the provincial Alberta Water Council (AWC) and regional Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPAC).

The FCWA’s mission is guided by the watershed management continuum. The continuum begins with building partnerships and characterizing watershed conditions through the compilation and assessment of research, reports and other knowledge. This information, including additional details about the management continuum, is available in our resources area.

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Board Members

Andrew Pearson

Barb Wright

David Swann

Doug Weston

Ed Kujat

Peter Adams

Peter Swann

Russell Walker

Téo Adams

Collaborators and Stakeholders

FCWA partners works with a diverse group of collaborators and stakeholders to act out our mission.


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Funding Partners

Technical Advisory Group

Alberta Environment and Protected Areas

Formerly the Ministry of Environment and Protected

Alberta Forestry, Parks and Tourism

Formerly the Ministry of Forestry and Parks

Bow River Basin Council

Cows and Fish

Foothills County

Rocky View County

Spray Lakes Sawmills

Trout Unlimited Canada

Tsuut’ina Nation