Photo of a Barred Owl perched on a tree branch. The owl has deep black eyes and a small yellowwish beak. The feathers are brown with stripes white on its face and chest, and dots of white on its wings. The owl is looking towards the photographer.
Barred owl - PriddisThere are at least 6 owl species in the Fish Creek watershed.Photo credit: Beth Adams

The Fish Creek Watershed Association, along with our stakeholders and collaborators, has created several resources integral to ongoing stewardship.

All resources are freely available to the public.

The Upper Fish Creek State of the Watershed Report is an excellent starting point.

Our Foundation

Upper Fish Creek_SOW_Sep 30_2021_Final_R.pdf

Our Path Forward

Upper Fish Creek IWMP_FINAL_Feb 13_2023.pdf

Filling Data Gaps

Preliminary Assessment of Stream Water Temperature in the Upper Fish Creek Watershed_PESL December 8_2022.pdf
Upper Fish Creek Watershed_Water Monitoring Program 2021_2022.pdf

Special thanks to Sandi Riemersma at Palliser Environmental Services Ltd. for her expertise in developing these resources.


FCWA 2024 spring summer news final.pdf
Fish Creek Watershed Association_Creekside_Fall 2020.pdf